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Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine


The Theory and Practice of Mindfulness

Applying the Science of Neuroplasticity for Health and Well-Being

One Day Workshop

with Dr. Don Maurer

One Day Workshop

[Dr. Don Maurer]


Saturday, August 2

9:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Class Location:

UCI Campus





This all-day workshop will weave together the formal and informal experience of mindfulness
with the latest scientific discoveries of how the practice is vital to realizing optimal health, 
well-being and performance. The presentation will include discussion of the rapidly developing 
science of neuroplasticity regarding mindfulness, and how the brain is constantly changing in 
response to experience. Based on the core teachings of the acclaimed Mindfulness Based Stress 
Reduction* course (MBSR), participants will have the opportunity to practice the key techniques 
of mindfulness, as well as learn more about the latest research shedding light on the mind-body 
connections underlying the recognized benefits of this traditional practice. 

In addition, the presentation will consider mindfulness as a useful way of exploring how the 
mind creates experience and interprets reality. In the practice of mindfulness, in becoming aware 
of what is occurring within us and around us, we can learn to release from ingrained habits of 
thinking and feeling which can cause distress and unhappiness. Identifying such habits and at the 
same time seeing the alternative choices present, in the moment, are crucial for making decisions 
which nourish optimal well-being and performance. Otherwise, we can find ourselves rushing 
through life, mind elsewhere than in the present moment, on auto-pilot, hurrying to get to the 
next project or good thing, in the process missing much of our life experience and letting stress 
take a toll, mentally and physically, on both behavior and health.

The workshop and 4 week course are designed to be complementary, but can be taken separately. Prior experience with meditation, although helpful, is not required.

$115 Workshop including lunch 
$130 Four Week Course 
15% discount for UCI faculty/staff and Wellbeing Circle members

The Instructor:
Dr. Don Maurer is a retired Emergency Medicine Physician who is trained in MBSR and 
lectures on mindfulness, and its role in health and performance. He has taken advanced training 
for Health Professionals with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and other senior faculty of the Mindfulness 
Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for 
Mindfulness. He teaches MBSR and other mindfulness courses at the Susan Samueli Center of 
Integrative Medicine, and is a consultant in mindfulness to the Univeristy of California Mindful 
Safety Program.


*Research over 3 decades has shown that the practice of mindfulness reliably offers significant physical and 
mental benefits for people of all ages, including improved vitality and increased coping skills, resilience and 


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