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Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine - Colloquium Series


Date/Time: Thursday, April 04, 2013 @ 5:30p.m.

Location: Sprague Hall, Conference Room 105

Freeway Directions | Visitor Parking -- LOT 83 (light orange) | Campus Map

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -- However seating may be limited.

Speaker: B. Rael Cahn, MD, PhD

UC Irvine Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Many people have experienced the benefits of mindfulness, such its impact on mental acuity or ability to reduce depression. How does it work though? Dr. Cahn has personal and professional interest in the clinical application as well as the neuroscientific study of meditative practices. He did his MD/PhD training at UC San Diego and obtained his PhD in the Department of Neurosciences studying the neurophysiological correlates to sensory and cognitive processing in meditative states of consciousness. He taught a meditation class for medical students at UCSD in the early 2000's and has recently taught UCI medical students mindfulness meditation as part of the Health Catalyst Elective Program. Dr. Cahn has also completed a post-doc with Dr. Dilip Jeste of the UCSD Department of Psychiatry studying the effects of meditative practices as a clinical intervention in older adults.

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