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Dr. Shin Lin, Professor of Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering
January 9, 2014, Sprague Hall Conference Room

Program starts at 4:30 pm

Research Advances on the Benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong on Mind and Body Health

ABSTRACT: The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has rated the ancient Chinese mind-body practice of Tai Chi/Qigong as the best meditative therapy for stress relief as measured by reduction of blood pressure.  But Tai Chi is much more than that. The Harvard Health Publications called Tai Chi “Medication in Motion” because of the mounting evidence from laboratory research and clinical trials that it can increase body flexibility and balance, strengthen both slow and fast muscle fibers, relief stress, improve mental focus, boost immune response, lower cholesterol, enhance mood, elevate blood flow, raise body energy and strength, and prevent/relieve many disorders such as insomnia, obesity, hypertension, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and diabetes.  This lecture will present the latest advances in research on Tai Chi/Qigong and will describe the principles that would maximize the benefits of such practices.

LECTURER:  Shin Lin, Ph.D., is Professor of Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering, and a member of the faculty of the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at UC Irvine.  A formally designated 20th generation inheritor of Chen Style Tai Chi, Dr. Lin is an international authority on in the application of modern biomedical technologies to study the benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong on mind-body functions and body energy measured as heat, light, and electricity (http://MindBodyLab.Bio.UCI.Edu).  He recently served on the U.S. National Advisory Council on Complementary & Alternative Medicine, and is presently Visiting Professor at the Shanghai University for Traditional Chinese Medicine, editorial board member of both Chinese Medicine and Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Permanent Co-Chair of the World Congress of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Co-Creator of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day.