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Get Back on Track™ 

The Samueli Center is pleased to announce the Get Back on Track™ program brought to you in collaboration with iCount Wellness.  This is an easy to follow, educational online program that rewards and recognizes you for achieving your own fitness and wellness goals. 

If you register, you’ll receive a kit including a pedometer and a guide to the program.   You’ll be taken through simple steps to understand your current activity level (all activity counts!) and then set your own personal activity goal for a 10 week period.  You’ll be part of an online coach led “class” beginning in June 2013 with other WWD enthusiasts who are also committed to becoming more active.  Following up on Dr Hyman’s experience that we achieve greater results collectively, let’s help ourselves and each other maintain or improve our health.

Program Details

Week 1

  • Upload picture and edit profile
  • Enter body measurements (confidential)
  • Watch introductory video
  • Print and complete Baseline Tracking worksheet
  • Determine activity goal
  • Take self-diagnostic test
  • Set activity goal
  • Track activity

Week 2-10

  • Track activity.  Tracking diet, nutrition, and other wellness goals is optional but strongly recommended!  Watching the videos, reading chapters in the e-book, etc. is also optional, but they are great resources.
  • Weekly recognition on the site and in email for trackers and goal achievers.
  • Wellness Corner: videos, news articles, live chat sessions with wellness experts.

Cost: $99.00

It is time to Get Back on Track!  Register Now!