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The UC Irvine Heart Disease Prevention Program is proud to present a special lecture on the 

"Fundamentals of Fish Oil: Does It Offer Protection for Cardiovascular Disease?"


Seth Baum, MD, FACC

Medical Director, Women's Preventive Cardiology, Christine E. Lynn Women's Health and Wellness Institute, Boca Raton Regional Hospital 

Wednesday, Sept. 25

4 p.m.

Sprague Hall, First Floor, Conference Room

UC Irvine campus

This conference is open to all students, staff and faculty members who have a general interest in the prevention of heart disease. For more information, email Dr. Nathan Wong at

UC Irvine Healthcare's Preventive Cardiology Program aims to promote wellness for your heart, whether or not you have had prior heart disease, through a comprehensive combination of personalized lifestyle and specialized medical management. Our one-stop evaluations include visits with our cardiologists, an exercise physiologist and registered dietitian and are supported by evidence-based national guidelines and a significant body of research, in part conducted by experts at UC Irvine in preventive cardiology. More details of our program are available at thePreventive Cardiology Program website.

Information about our research can be found on our Heart Disease Prevention Program website. For more information about our services, please call the Cardiovascular Center at 714-456-6699.