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Help Us Grow Wish List

The Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute depends on support from individual donors, family foundations and corporations to conduct vital research and provide clinical services.

While technology opens new avenues for treatments, it also presents new challenges. Exploring and testing a new idea can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Donor-sponsored research provides seed funding for promising ideas that can lead to evidence-based treatment that the federal government and insurance companies do not widely support.

The personal and financial support we receive from donors in our community enables us to increase the number and diversity of patients treated as well as expand our outreach efforts in Orange County.

You can help the Samueli Institute meet these challenges by supporting these areas of need:

Expansion clinic


Bring the Institute’s clinical services to other parts of Orange County. Help equip and partially underwrite a new clinic location during its first two years of operation. Clinic becomes self-sustaining after two years.


$30,000- $50,000

Fund one year of a faculty level position to expand the center's educational programming and develop new course content regarding evidence-based integrative practices or fund a one-year colloquium series to bring experts in the field of integrative health for campus seminars.

Seed funding for research grants


Establish a fund that offers seed monies to faculty with an interest in pursuing research in integrative medicine while they seek major national funding grants from NIH and other sources.

Student research fellowships


Provide funds for graduate students to work in the laboratory of one of the center’s researchers to increase their knowledge of the scientific research that is ongoing in the field of integrative medicine.

Sponsorship of Samueli Institute conferences and events


Link the name of your family, foundation, corporation or organization to the center's signature events such as Women's Wellness Day.

Treatment rooms


Maximize the benefit of integrative medical practices by creating the appropriate environment for patients to receive their treatment. IM clinic spaces should be equipped differently than traditional medical exam rooms. Tables, lighting, and instruments are all specialized for complementary and alternative treatments.

For more information, please contact Alex Anderson, Director of Development of the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, at 949.824.0087 or email Alex at