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Current Events


SEP 08Mindful Parenting of Anxious Children & Teens
JUL 13Mindful Eating Workshop
JUN 24Mindful Self-Compassion
JUN 11Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
JUN 2Mindfulness, Self-Care, & Self-Compassion for Parents
MAR 12Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
JAN 27Mindful Discipline
JAN 24Mindful Self-Compassion
JAN 15Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
JAN 12Mindful Living for Cancer Patients & Their Caregivers
JAN 10An Evening of Mindfulness & Compassion


SEP 25New MBSR classes begin
SEP 09Mindful Parenting Workshop
JUL 09Tai Chi Summer Series begins
MAR 22Grand Rounds "Mitochondrial Genetics and Energetics and the Enigma of Traditional Eastern Medicine
FEB 08Beginning Mindfulness: A Four Week Course
JAN 29How Healing Works: Get Well and Stay Well Using Your Hidden Power to Heal (Wayne Jonas, MD)
JAN 29Mindful Parenting begins
JAN 04The Biology of MInd-Body Exercises for Enhancing Brain Structure and Function (Shin Lin, PhD)


NOV 28Mindful Practice for the Season: Celebrating Gratitude, Compassion and Renewal - A Four Week Course
OCT 219th Annual OC Symposium on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
OCT 06Study on electroacupuncture for hypertension in women is open and recruiting patients
SEP 12 MBSR fall classes begin
JUN 12The Science and Practice of Chinese Cultural Arts for Healthy Living Series 2
MAY 12Mindful Parenting for New Moms and Their Babies
MAY 05Women's Wellness Day
FEB 04"Revitalize Your Health" Cooking Demos
JAN 05Dr. Lin lecture on Managing Stress


NOV 29Mindful Practice for the Season
NOV 16Clinic Open House
OCT 10Samueli Center Annual Meeting
OCT 06Yoga classes begin
SEP 19Fall MBSR classes begin
SEP 13Fall Tai Chi Classes Begin
AUG 18-20IM4US Conference
JUL 27What is Mindfulness: A Four Week Course
MAY 13Women's Wellness Day
MAY 09Mindfulness As a Way of Living begins
MAR 30Spring MBSR classes begin
JAN 13Winter MBSR classes begin
JAN 13Lecture: Science and Practice of Tai Chi/Qigong


OCT 07Dr. Malik lecture on Wellness
SEPT 12EMSSI 'Moving Through Life' conference
JUL 09Mindfulness-based stress reduction class begins
JUL 07MBSR class begins in Huntington Beach
JUN 03-09Summer mindfulness classes begin
MAY 06Mindfulness classes begin
APR 23-24Building Healthy Academic Communities Summit
APR 22Free introduction to mindfulness class in Orange
APR 14MBSR class begins
APR 13The Science and Practice of Chinese Cultural Arts for Healthy Living
MAR 17SSCIM annual meeting
MAR 26MBSR classes begin in Mission Viejo
JAN 12Free mindful self compassion lecture
JAN 20Free MBSR introduction lecture
JAN 21Mindful self compassion classes start
JAN 27Tuesday MBSR classes (day and evening) begin in Costa Mesa
DEC 03Coming Home for the Holidays course starts in Costa Mesa


OCT 20Colloquium lecture: Rethinking Nutrition Education
OCT 13Monday MBSR classes begin in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa
OCT 07Tuesday MBSR classes (day and evening) begin in Costa Mesa
SEP 22Free introduction to MBSR lecture
AUG 06The Practice of Mindfulness — a four-week course begins
AUG 02The Theory and Practice of Mindfulness — a one-day workshop
JULY 08Day and evening MBSR classes begin in Costa Mesa
JULY 07Eight-week series of Mindful Self Compassion classes begin in Costa Mesa
JULY 07Eight-week series of mindfulness-based stress reduction classes start in Huntington Beach
JUNE 30Free introductory lecture mindful self compassion
JUNE 28Mindful Eating Workshop
JUNE 23Free introduction to mindfulness-based stress reduction
JUNE 05Colloquium series — Life 101 with Dr. Mahtab Jafari
MAY 1612th annual Women's Wellness Day
MAY 07Mindfulness study for depression
APR 12Mindfulness Essentials — one-day or four-week course begins
APR 08Eight-week MBSR class starts — Sign up now!
APR 03-06Integrative Health for Pain Relief — UC,Davis
MAR 26Free orientation: An Evening of Mindfulness
MAR 06Annual meeting and Founder's Award
MAR 06Special colloquium: "Acupuncture, connective tissues and purinergic signaling," Dr. Helene Langevin
MAR 01Annual student conference for Integrative Medicine — UCLA
FEB 21-23Three-day Systematic Review Workshop — UC San Diego
JAN 22Free orientation: Introduction to Mindful Eating
JAN 21Free orientation: An Evening of Mindfulness
JAN 14New Tai Chi classes with Dr. Shin Lin — beginning and intermediate students are welcome
JAN 09Colloquium: "Research Advances on the Benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong on Mind and Body Health" presented by Dr. Shin Lin


DEC 06-08Preventive and Integrative Medicine Conference — Las Vegas
DEC 03Coming Home for the Holidays: Focusing on mindful communication for a joyful season (3 week course)
NOV 23A Day of Mindfulness: Cultivating compassionate presence, a gift for all seasons (full day retreat)
NOV 20FREE Orientation: An Evening of Mindfulness
NOV 08"Reducing Stress Through the Practice of Mindfulness" - Campus Rec Health & Fitness Fridays featuring MBSR instructor Beth Mulligan, PA-C
OCT 22"How Your Mind Can Save Your Heart" - Preventative Cardiology lecture featuring John Zamarra, MD, FACC
OCT 18-20Southern California University of Health Sciences: Extravaganza
OCT 12Health and Wellness Retreat | City of Mission Viejo
OCT 01Two MBSR classes start today! Join a daytime or evening course with Hugh O'Neill
SEPT 25"Fundamentals of Fish Oil: Does It Offer Protection for Cardiovascular Disease?"
SEPT 24Free Orientation: An Evening of Mindfulness
SEPT 23Fall MBSR with Dr. Donald Maurer starts on Sept 23. Click here for more info!
SEPT 03Teaching, Guided Meditation and Q&A with Dr. Roger Walsh
AUG 27Meditation course for UCI faculty and staff only
AUG 22Fall MBSR with Adrienne Beattie, LMFT starts Aug 22nd. Sign up early to reserve a spot!
AUG 01Special Summer Lab Presentation: Myocardial Ischemia and Acupuncture
JULY 30An Evening of Mindfulness - Free Orientation to MBSR
JULY 098 week Summer MBSR course begins. Click for more details!
JUN 26An Evening of Mindfulness - Free Orientation to MBSR
JUN  24Mindfulness and the Art of Living Creatively classes start. Sign up before June 17th for an early bird discount!
JUN 11Tai Chi classes resume
JUN 06FREE Colloquium Series - Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis
JUN 04The Mindful Woman program begins. Get more information and register here!
MAY 1915th World Congress on Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco, CA
MAY 1711th Annual Women's Wellness Day, Irvine, CA
MAY 02SSCIM Colloquium Series - Acupuncture for Hypertension: An Update, Speaker John C. Longhurst, MD, PhD
APR 6-7UCSD Integrative ONCOLOGY 2013 conference
APR 05Healing Our World: Connecting Communities through Music, a concert to benefit the Samueli Center
APR 04SSCIM Colloquium Series - Neural Mechanisms of Mindfulness, Speaker B. Rael Cahn, MD, PhD
APR 01MBSR classes begin
MAR 19Free MBSR Information Session, Hewitt Hall Conference Room, 6:30pm
MAR 16Mindful Living Workshop - Sign up today!
FEB 26SSCIM Annual Meeting. Dr David Eisenberg keynote speaker.
FEB 238th Annual CME Symposium: "Epilepsy in Modern Life: Classic and Alternative Approaches" with Guest Faulty, Dr. Steven C. Schachter
FEB 22Special Lecture by Dr. Steven C. Schachter, "Integrative Therapies for Epilepsy: The Evidence Base"
FEB 06Advancement of Nursing Science and Research (AANSR) networking event - "Future of Nursing"
FEB 1-28Electroacupuncture Hypertension Study - Patients wanted, No cost therapy, Click for details!
JAN 28Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Series Kicks Off **NOTE LOCATION CHANGE**
JAN 22Mindful Eating Classes Begin - Click for more details!
JAN 18Seminar Speaker, Dr. John Longhurst - "Autonomic Mechanisms underlying Acupuncture Regulation of Cardiovascular Function"
JAN 1-31Patient Recruitment - Electroacupuncture for Hypertension Study


DEC 7-910th Annual Preventative Care and Integrative Medicine Conference, Las Vegas, NV
DEC 03Coming Home for the Holidays: A Three-Week Course in Mindfulness
DEC 01Introduction to the Theory, Practice, and Application of Mindfulness: One Day Workshop
NOV 01Colloquium Lecture - Environmental Enrichment as an Effective Treatment for Autism
OCT 16Mindful Woman MBSR session begins.
SEP 24Fall Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) series begins.
SEP 17Free Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) session
SEP 14Music for the Mind:The Art & Music of Ostad Elahi
SEP 04Fall Tai Chi classes begin.
AUG 01AUG-SEPT SSCIM Clinic Newsletter
JUNE 7"Chado" (Japanese Tea Ceremony) Demonstration by Sochi Nomoto
MAY 1810th Annual Women's Wellness Day
MAY 15-18International Research Conference on Integrative Medicine and Health Care 2012
APR 28World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
APR 5"UC Mindful Safety Research” Monthly Colloquium Lecture Series
MAR 09Meditation has a number of benefits. Brain images have uncovered another one: meditation can help ease pain.
MAR 1The Benefits of Eating a Plant-based Diet
Jan 23-26Integrative Medicine Week
JAN 19The Gluten Free Edge: Discover a way to change from the inside out
JAN 10Beginner and Advanced Tai Chi Classes Begin
JAN 5"Creating a Holistic School of Nursing Based on Concepts of Optimal Healing" Monthly Colloquium Lecture


NOV 30"Looking Back, Moving Forward" is the theme at the Samueli Center's annual Night of Celebration.
NOV 16Students for Integrative Medicine will be selling boba from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Ring Road on the UC Irvine campus.
NOV 8Gain a deeper peace of mind and learn to take care of yourself as the next Mindful Awareness series begins.
NOV 4Ethnomusicologists, neuroscientists and others examine the positive effects music can have on mood, cognition and feelings of well-being.
OCT 6Music is a powerful complementary therapy that can reduce pain, anxiety and nausea. Learn how it's being used at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.
SEP 24Neuropathic face pain sufferers will learn how to manage pain and discover new treatments at the Trigeminal Neuralgia Western Regional Conference.
SEP 19Gain a deeper peace of mind and learn to take care of yourself at the next Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction series.
SEP 1Brain-Body Calibration pioneer Dr. David Rubenstein is the next guest in the Samueli Center's Colloquium Lecture Series.
AUG 21Practitioners increasingly discover that meditation can be the body's own medicine.
JUN 1Scientists confirm what some have known for thousands of years: meditation has real benefits.
MAY 24A growing number of people are realizing the benefits of fruits, vegetables and health-giving plants and herbs.
MAY 16UC Irvine professor Shin Lin joins other experts in expressing skepticism about whether popular wristbands really work.
APR 27Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, visits UC Irvine and marks the seventh anniversary of a scholarship bearing his name.


SEP 1Reducing your stress levels can help you manage and cure your headaches, says Dr. Wadie Najm.


AUG 17A Mediterranean-type diet can help battle blood pressure and decrease inflammation, says Dr. Wadie Najm.